• Dean Greer

Review: Boy

Runtime: 88 Mins Year: 2010 Certification: 15 Platform: Amazon Prime

This film was recommended by a fellow film buff who sold it to me simply by, not only mentioning director Taika Waititi's name but, also informing me that it is his first ever feature film (although upon research I found this to be only partly true; Boy was the first feature length film Waititi had written but he actually wrote and directed the oddball romantic comedy Eagle vs Shark, released in 2007, while further developing the Boy screenplay). Straight away I went over to Prime and put it on my list but it took me 2 days (a long time during lock-down)

Boy is about an 11 year old New Zealander who is reunited with his previously imprisoned father and quickly learns that he isn't the legend he's tricked others, but mostly himself, to believe.

But, trusting my friends opinion, I finally got round to it and oh boy (pun 100% intended) was it a great watch. The boy in question is also the films narrator and therefore the story is shown through his eyes, this project onto us, as viewers, the same childlike innocents and wonder of those who are propelling the story forward.

The films writer and director Taika Waititi also stars as the boy's father, a rough around the edges ex con who I suspect is significantly worse then the film suggest however, what with us seeing him solely through the boys rose tinted view of the world, we see him just as the boy does. This explains how our view on the man worsens throughout the story as the boy discovers his father isn't the man he believed him to be.

Don't let this low budget and, at times, slow tale put you off, stick with this one and you will be rewarded. Enjoy!

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