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What does "success" actually mean?

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

As a director at Greer Macjames Productions I get a lot of people asking "why am I not successful yet?". As much as I try to avoid answering a question with another question I always respond with the only appropriate way I know how; "what does success actually mean to you?".

What does "success" actually mean to anyone? Well that all depends on how wide you set your goal posts. Unfortunately a lot of people's ultimate aim, the moment when they'll believe they have "made it" is the moment they become "famous". But why is "being famous" the aim when, surely, fame is the burden of success?

So what do the words "made it" actually mean? I believe everyone possesses the terrible habit of looking at the final result (a successful actor, director, musician) and they think "yeah I want that" and then expect to go on to achieve what that person has almost instantly. The only problem with this mind set is that as soon as things start to get a little difficult, as soon as you realise achieving this dream means you are sacrificing so much more then you ever thought, you start to think "why me? Why is this so difficult for me? Why can't I have what 'they' have now!" But what you don't realise is, although you don't have what they have, you do have what they had! All you saw was the final result, now enjoy the ride that they went on to get there!

A lot of us in this crazy industry are already successful but just don't know it yet. What's it going to take to make you realise; you have already made it?

When I was a child I was hungry to be working in the industry; now I write scripts and storyboards for customers, film them and then, no longer then a month after, the footage is edited and out there on people's spotlight pages and websites, getting them paid work usually within 6 months of us filming with them and they get the recognition they deserve. While I'm living my dream of being in the filming industry and directing behind the camera, I am also helping others get into the industry and being recognized too.

And by that very definition; I've made it. Who else wants to?

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