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Actors showreels in Manchester and Yorkshire available for anyone UK wide

Voicereel - Katharine Simmons
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For anyone pursuing a career in performance, an up-to-date showreel is essential

At Greer Macjames Productions, we believe everyone should have an equal chance to be noticed by those who can make a life changing decision on our careers. We are actors and directors working for you, so who better to choose when it comes to that  sharp cinematic quality contrasting showreel that displays your complete versatility.

We will provide you with your own bespoke showreel to show your versatility as well as work closely with you before and after the shoot. This is the best way to choose the correct style, package and choices for you


We will work closely with you to get to know your strengths and comfort zones, as well as offering advice on areas within the industry we believe will be an ideal target for you. 

We want to know your desired career path so we can tailor your script to you. Comedy,Drama, Film, Soap...or a bit of everything.



Contacting us is just the first step on the stairs ascending to your dream career.


Remember: These are just our set packages. Need your own unique deal? 

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"The one day career starter"

3  Contrasting Showreel clips

Full voicereel

(3 contrasting clips)

Tailor made scripts

(unique to you)

3 Professional Headshots

Transport to all 3 venues

(shoot only)*


Blooper reel and photo collage of the day



(save £198)




1 Bespoke

 showreel clip

Full voicereel

(1 unique clip)

Tailor made scripts

(unique to you)

1 Headshot

(choice of many)

Transport to  


(shoot only) *






2 Contrasting Showreel clips

Full voicereel

(2 contrasting clips)

Tailor made scripts

(unique to you)

2 Headshot

(choice of many)

Transport to all 3 venues

(shoot only) *





(save £99)

Best Seller

It's who you know...

Got a friend who wants the same package? 

Combine a scene and save


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What to expect on a Greer Macjames Showreel Production


  • You will work closely with industry professionals who will collaborate with you to perfect your scene(s)

  • Your own tailor made unique script(s) sent directly to you

  • At least one week with the script(s) for you to learn and make your own

  • 24hr assistance line and advice available

  • Rehearsals on set and scene blocking prior to shoot

  • Refreshments provided during filming hours

  • Lunch break

  • Multiple location back catalogue

We also offer ... Top up shoots

Everyone is at different stages in their careers and maybe you just need that one voice clip, a single scene, or maybe, headshots are all you need. We are here to help.

As this is unique and individual to your needs, we will need more information from you. 

Just let us know, we are here to help.